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Accoson Product Portfolio

Web Design

ACCOSON’s website is their digital platform to promote their brand, sell their great quality products and offer continued product services. A well-known brand in the medical industry, their brief was to re-vitalise the website to reflect the modern, medical brand they are striving to achieve.

The previous website was rather dark, which may have felt uninviting and intimidating to clients. Now their website sits on a much lighter theme and utilises a soft, friendly font which relates to their brand identity. To differentiate the informative side of the website and the e-commerce store, we implemented subtle changes in the menu indicating this area of the site.

We were keen to offer customers call to action points through the website: directing them to contact ACCOSON, offer a spare part or find a local distributor in their area. They have since seen an increase in store purchases and customers contacting directly.

Previously their website didn’t transverse to mobile very well and was lacking features (specifically the store). The new website is responsive and suitable for customers to view on any device. This ensures their brand is promoted and products can be sold, regardless of the viewing device.

We also helped to animate elements of their brand to attract customers in an upcoming video shown at medical conventions.

Client Feedback:

We have been very impressed with Connor’s work, communicating well with us and bringing our ideas to life. Efficient and helpful. Thanks!

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