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Annual Medical Equipment Catalogue

Print Design

HCE UK are a leading supplier of medical goods to the NHS and primary care in the UK. Annually they produce a ~500 page catalogue of best selling products, printing over 20,000 copies for hospitals, clinics, GPs & nursing homes.

Previously the catalogue had been designed with large layouts for each product, leading to a very bulky (and costly) end product. I was tasked with completely redesigning the catalogue, bringing it inline with current trends whilst also reducing its size were able.

Locating products in over 500 pages can be a challenge for users, our solution to this problem was to introduce a thumb index which further splits the range of categories into another four sections labeled A-D. This helped users to flick to the correct section of the catalogue with ease.

To improve the feel of the catalogue I advised on print finishes which could be applied to the cover, ensuring this buyers guide stood out amongst others received by potential customers. This included a spot-UV pattern across the covers which would catch the light and give a tactile element when holding the print.

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