Project Description

Kirsty West Personal Training Logo

Kirsty offers personalised, engaging and supportive personal training, meal planning and gym classes at a local gym. Her friendly personality and successful training has allowed her to progressively build up a substantial customer base. She contacted us looking for help branding her business, targeting her active audience, and for using on a line of clothing she planned to produce for her clients.

Kirsty was keen to steer clear of cliché, unoriginal graphics and we aimed to design her a more personal, contemporary logo which would reflect the services she offers. Her favourite, of our proposed concepts, was the use of a compass arrow pointing west. This mark acts as both a visualisation of her surname and a subtle reference to movement and progression. She has a fairly equal range of customers from both gender and upon her request, we used a shade of both blue and pink to keep the branding open to both audiences.

We used her compass icon, coupled with the bright colour scheme to create a bold, colour juxtaposition which would be distinct and coherent with her branding. We also ensured to include her social media profiles, as these are her primary channels for digital promotion.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done, you’ve literally been a 10/10… You have listened to me and gave great advise whilst always having my best interests in mind. Your work has been both efficient and effective.– Kirsty West, Owner