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Mapesbury Residents Association

Web Design

MapRA are an active residents association near Cricklewood in London. The group aim to improve the local area for residents, support eachother and bring people together. They had a very limited webpage which they wanted to update into a friendly, informative hub for members.

We started by taking elements from their bold colour scheme to combine with a complementing strong, slab serif typeface. The client hoped to keep the site very easy to use as many of their members were of an older age. We were also keen to include images of the beautiful sites within the Mapesbury area, offering familiarity for visitors.

One challenge faced with this website was the abundance of information which had been complied over the years. Organising and displaying this information in an easy-read fashion was a key component to ensure members could find what they needed.

One way in which we tackled this problem was to create simple illustrations with their designer, maps of the local area which would be easily understood even at a glance.

Mobile Mapra Website Pages
Desktop Mapra Website
Mobile Mapra Website
Desktop Mapra News Website

Client Feedback:

We have been very impressed with Connor’s work, communicating well with us and bringing our ideas to life. Efficient and helpful. Thanks!

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