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Village Green Cider Norfolk

Branding / Print Design

Following very successful work completed for their sister company (Village Green Cider in Sussex) we were asked to help develop the brand for the Norfolk craft brewers. Village Green Norfolk follow identical procedures, using locally donated apples to create some amazing country, craft cider.

The client has been keen to create their identity on a similar wave to the Sussex designs. The brand we have been finalising utilises similar tree imagery and bright colours, but has a more robust layout, framed in circles.

Norfolk Sweet Cider Yellow Pump Clip
Norfolk Dry Cider Blue Pump Clip
Norfolk Oak Cider Red Pump Clip
Norfolk Medium Cider Green Pump Clip
Norfolk Sweet Cider Box Label
Village Green Norfolk Box Label Blue

These circular designs were designed to fit pump clips and eventually onto bottled cider. Bringing to life the excitement of the brand, directed towards their new target audience of the ‘young professionals’. The flat-styled designed were a hit with the client, we feel these will stand out against traditional cider brands and open doors to new custom.

From the success of the branding, the client also asked us to design cider selling sheets, box labels and other branded materials, with the objective of gathering more distributors for their product. These have been designed in a similar, coherent style which encompasses the brand. We have since created apple juice bottles and bottle-cap designs to name just two!

Cider Sales Sheet Printed
Cider Box Medium Green Branding
Apple Juice Bottle Branding Shots
Graphic Design of Cider Box Sweet Yellow Branding

Client Feedback:

Cobalt Design have completed some excellent work for us including our cider boxes, sales sheets & pump clips. They have been very helpful along the way and incredibly patient with us. We will continue to use them in the future for any other design projects.

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