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Free Commercial Use Font Suggestions

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite free use fonts

Looking for a quick way to improve the design of your projects? or simply expand your font collection? then this is the spot for you. I’ve complied a list of free fonts (commercial and personal use) to give you some inspiration about the quality of fonts available.

I’m a big advocate of purchasing fonts for use on your brand or website (hey, type designers do a great job and they need to eat too!) but I understand sometimes the budget won’t allow, your a student or just starting out.

So as a starting point, I’ve gathered some of my favourite free fonts from a selection of sources online. These cover different styles, weights and intended uses so be sure to read up on each!

01. Bluu Next

The first of a few offerings from Velvetyne (VTF). Sharp, clean and precise, a gorgeous serif option to replace the usual selection of Times New Roman or Calson. Bluu was the first font of JB Morizot. In 2017 he decided to redraw Bluu from scratch and make a full family.

02. Saint George Stencil

A clean, experimental stencil font, based on a widely available Georgia by Vedran Vaskovic. The intention for this font was to modify a popular typeface to create something new. Although because this is an experimental project, the font is only available in lowercase characters.

03. Oi

Oi is an ultra-fat display typeface that has its roots in grotesque slab serifs, most specifically the style that sprung with the release of Caslon’s Ionic in 1844 and Clarendon by Fann Street Foundry in 1845. The typeface is a recent addition to Google Fonts, a free spirited twisted interpetation of the clarendonesques. With an unapologetic tendency for public shouting, it is a whimsical loudmouth attention seeker!

04. Clinton

Clinton is a neo-grotesque sans serif font designed to rely on clarity and readability. It’s very versitile and can be used across a range of designs, in particular it is ideal for signage. The typeface was inspired by 1950s and 1960s Swiss designers work, and crafted by Artem Velychko.

05. Berg Layered Font

Berg is a huge layered font family from Brosnes, who have a range of other amazing fonts in their portfolio. Berg is inspired by vintage sign painting, posters and labels. Its multi-layered design makes it robust, it uses strong shapes that are attention grabbing. Be sure to check this one out!

06. Le Murmure

To renew their brand image, the French design agency Murmure has decided to base their remodeling on a custom-designed typeface: Le Murmure. Used as a title display font, its height and the stability of its shapes lend it elegance, whilst details inspired by calligraphy reveal notions of experimentation, research and creativity.

07. Neutral Face

Neutral Face is a contemporary sans serif typeface, with inspiration taken from Swiss style. The family includes Regular and Bold weights, with support of both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. Neutral Face is a versatile font that work for both text and headlines. Certainly a great font to add to your library.

08. Migur Serif

Migur is a free serif font with artistic curves and perfectly proportional letters. Currently is in only available with lowercase characters, but this typeface is still a fantastic addition to create style and elegance in designs.

09. Imbue

Imbue is a variable condensed didone ideal for your special occasion or project. The resulting font is curvy yet crisp with two variable axes: weight and optical size.

10. Bifocals Grotesk

Bifocals Grotesk is a new four font family made with a geometric and modern concept by Habib Otang (Check out his profile for further works). Having two different weights plus italics makes Bifocals Grotesk extremely useful when you need a easy to read workhorse sans serif.

11. Truculenta

Truculenta is an irregular sans serif typeface based on mid-century lettering works, yet with a little twist. This quirky grotesque is a variable font with three axes (weight, width and optical size), allowing a wide range of text sizes without any loss in readability. This vibrant typeface is highly suitable for a whole range of designs, including: packaging, branding, book covers, and even film titles.

12. Peace Sans

Peace Sans is a sans serif, bold font made with love! It can allow your typography to feel more peaceful and kind. This font was crafted using the learning process in TypeType School.

13. Minipax

Our final offering (although many more are on their website) from the amazing Velvetyne foundry. Minipax is a typeface inspired by the novel 1984, from George Orwell. It’s been designed to conform to the atmosphere of the Orwellian dystopia. And although Minipax remains a rather transparent text typeface, many of its distinctive features have been crafted to reflect the dusty, gritty universe depicted in the novel.


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