Minting illustrations as NFTs

Combining my interest in cryptocurrency and digital artwork
You may notice from the footer, but I am now accepting payment for work in some cryptocurrency. I have had an interest and been an investor into cryptocurrency for a number of years. I have also been aware of the NFT market for over a year, this seems like an excellent area for myself, combining crypto with digital artwork. I have yet to find time to produce something myself – until now.

If you follow Cobalt Design instagram you will likely have seen previous flat style illustrations of cars. An area I’m passionate about, but which also allowed me to become more efficient at Adobe Illustrator. This set was met with a lot of interest and people seemed to really enjoy these illustrations. So I have decided to use these as an initial release of NFTs.

Available now on OpenSea

These NFT artwork tokens will be available for purchase on Opensea. You can find my profile available here. As most creators, I’m fairly new to this area, but I am confident this will be a growing platform and hopefully will become something which will become more profound and popular moving forward.

If you would like an illustration created for your vehicle, or anything else, simply get in contact.

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